No more CP cheats..

I’m just not cut out for CP cheats! It’s kinda no fun.

I am very experienced in CP Warfare. It’s more my thing. This will now be the site for my videos!



MJ ’09 a complete hit, other stuff

Hiya guys.

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, my blog got suspended! :O Ikr.. but anyways, I’ve also been working on my CP Army that needs to grow and the soldiers have a lot of potential.


Okee.. here are some stuff.

First, remember when you played your instrument in the Lighthouse and you could actually hear your insturment? Well, CP is making that permanent! It should be done in less than a week.

Happy77 talked some music with Screenhog. Check out their conversation.

Q: We checked out the sheet music – Where can penguins find that song in Club Penguin?
A: You can hear it on the homepage when you click the Tour Guide and start the movie.

Q: The team is doing some work at the Lighthouse stage so that (just like during the Music Jam) we’ll be able to hear certain instruments when we play there. What do you think?

A: I’m glad. However, I personally like seeing the songs that penguins play and sing all over Club Penguin even more.

Q: Do you play any instruments? Got any quick tips to share with other musically inclined penguins?
A: Yep, I can play a few – the alto saxophone, a few percussion instruments, but my all-time favorite is the piano. To any of you who play real instruments, keep it up! Find a song and see if you can learn how to play it, or even try and compose your own music. All of Club Penguin’s music is made by someone, and maybe someday that someone could be you!

Also, new igloo music today! Check out your igloo for some MJ ’09 music.



Hey guys.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just moved into a new house! By the way guys, not using that new YouTube account. I am still going to use yorkielvr333rox, mainly because I have over 200 subs on that account. But I am deleting some pointless videos, like all the Gone Bad videos, they really aren’t funny, I’m deleting all of the York TV and just starting over with that.

Anyway, check it out! Happy77 talks Music Decor.


Also, there is a new color coming! Which one do you want?


Ok, and the new (kinda) play, Ruby and the Ruby, here are the steps to find the pin!

1. Click on the file cabinet
2. Click on the trash can
3. Click on the book
4. Click on the vase
5. Click on the painting
6. Click the safe behind the painting

Those are the steps! Please subscribe to me on YouTube! And don’t forget…



Music Jam ’09, and the start of Yorkay Porkay Productions!

Hey guys!

The Music Jam is not very far off. Were you there last year? I was! I didn’t meet PB though. 😦 I will try and meet them this year! Check it out!


An admin of the site (idk, he/she didn’t sign his/her name. So, its admin) posted a poll on which t-shirt should be used for August’s Clothing Catalog. So! Here are the tees.

This is the Moondrop Tee!


This is The Tux-T.


And this is the Splatter!


I wanna see what you guys think.

Guess what?!

I have made a new YouTube account, and funnier York TV, CPMVs, and fun army stuff is coming to YOU on film!

Yorkielvr333CP’s YouTube Channel; Say Hiya to Yorkay Porkay.

Please subscribe for cool videos! It would mean a lot!! Here’s the first video for description!

I am also making a Yorkay Porkay Productions blog for all my latest videos! Cya ’round!



Hey guys! πŸ˜€

Sensei is handing out a background!! It’s so cool.. I have only met him one time though. My current outfit is a ninja outfit with the new item in the Martial Arts Catalog, I forgot what it was called :lol:.

Check out this pic Billybob posted!


It’s so awesome; now I have 2 favorite characters to meet online! Rockhopper and Sensei. They look like they are kinda related..

Anyways.. here’s 2 polls!

~Yorkielvr333 :mrgreen:

Current Blog Posts

Hey guys! πŸ˜€

This Friday there’s going to be some new igloo music! And also, DJ3K is going to have some new music! Members are going to be able to buy exclusive music tracks from a catalog and take them into the game!


Also, on Friday you are going to be able to bring your Yellow Puffles into the game! πŸ˜€

Also, Billybob posted some pictures about what’s coming up.


The first one is going to be where the new room is located! From the looks of what Billybob said, we’re going to be able to hang out with Sensei!

The 2nd one looks like “Ruby & the Ruby” is coming back to the Stage.

The 3rd one means the Penguin Band! I bet they’re coming soon.

~Yorkielvr333 :mrgreen:

Dojo Igloo Contest Winners!

Hey guys! πŸ˜€

The new Club Penguin Times is out today, and Sensei announced the Igloo Contest winners!




Freeze The1!




Han Solo8!


Loulou Emzee!










~Yorkielvr333 :mrgreen: